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Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Scarletest of scarlet letters

Atheist. Rat bastards The very word violates the i before e rule. The official belief system of The Godless Commies. Banned from employment in several states (old laws). Turn to any televangilist and he will be telling the audience that you are persecuting the followers of said televangilist’s god product. The most distrusted and unpopular philosophy in the USA. Why in god’s name would anyone in their right mind let anyone know that he or she was such a monster? Most atheists don’t. You can have a much easier life when you pretend to believe in the local god/gods. Usually some change in a collection plate and memorization of some basics does the job. In areas with more homogeneous believers and aggressive gods things are a bit trickier. In small communities everyone knows everything about you. Don’t show up at the local god’s temple on a regular basis and it may well cost you.

Okay. That’s the downside. To the good: fewer Amway thugs hitting on you at church. More interesting friends. Ability to appreciate the micro to macro intricate wonder of nature without short circuiting the whole experience by thinking “Gawd did it”. You’re not going to make your Momma sad by flying a plane into a building for Gawd, Allah etc. None of those ill fitting suicide bomb vests. You get to sleep, and don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to torch women’s clinics.

If you were, like me, weren’t born with that bit of wiring in your brain that understands gods and the personal need for them then you are one lucky SOB to be here in the twenty first century. You can walk the walk and talk the talk without legal repercussions. No inquisition, no burning at the stake. The historically ignorant will demand that you apologize for Mao and Stalin, but that's easy to blow off.

Warning : If you live in any of the states that make up the Old Slave South the last paragraph may not apply!

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