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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Things you must believe to be a good modern conservative:

While the government can't run the Post Office, it could run all
women's reproductive organs.

All Democrats are liberals; All liberals are socialists; All
socialists are communists; and all communists are spies. All spies
must be executed.

I own my property, and have the right to pollute, strip mine, dam up
water and destroy all wildlife trespassing on my property at any time.
My coal fired Hummer don't hurt a thing.

No local government has the right to restrict personal possession of
weapons no matter what state of disorder those firearms may

I will take my leadership on military matters and family values from a
thrice divorced dope fiend and draft dodger. He shall be my guiding
political light even though he wasn't even registered to vote until he
settled on regurgitation up white middle class male resentment on AM

There is light at the end of all tunnels.

Anybody can do any job, as long as he is well connected.

Competence is a matter of opinion.

All blacks are just waiting for reparations to buy next week's crack.

Democratic party deficits are evil, while Republican deficits are sublime.

George Walker Bush is BRILLIANT!

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C said...

I really like the first one.