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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tell me it ain't so.

I've got to stop reading The Dallas Morning News. I like to have something to talk to my Mom about when I talk to her on weekends, and the local paper seems to be the best way to connect on subjects of interest in my old home town. Unfortunately Dallas is ground zero for novelty Christianity. Today's paper has a long article on christian Mimes. On the upside you can avoid the message by averting your eyes, but on the downside..... THEY ARE MIMES! Evangelical mimes fer christs sake, combining the two most annoying pastimes in Western culture.

Cut and paste:

I also think I should mention "Furries for Christ". Furries are folk that enjoy dressing up like stuffed animals and interacting with other such folk likewise inclined. "Furries for Christ sort of explains itself. Link:

I suppose these are small groups, deserving little attention, but the big ones seem to be doing a lot of child molestation and ultra right wing politics. Even mimes aren't generally that perverted.

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