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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Future You Won't Like

The wonderful thing about being a futurist is that you'll be long retired or dead before you are proven wrong. There are no degree requirements, you just have to attract the attention of the press with a couple of original predictions, and they will keep coming back for more. This futurist racket sounds like a sweet business to get into. Like running a church, your cost of raw goods is minimal, and income potential, depending on talent. is phenomenal.

Without bullet points, here is what you have to look forward to:

You are going to die, but death will be optional for your children. This is a first world only prediction. The rest of humanity will live short, brutish lives.

With the advent of two hundred dollar a barrel oil, some parts of the inter-mountain West, Canada, Siberia/Mongolia and South Asia will de-populate. Long haul trucking will become an unaffordable luxury.

A systemic international economic depression will defy solution so long as national sovereignty remains a political issue.

Financing for waterfront property will be unattainable. This doesn't count for lakefront, but anything facing inundation from rising ocean levels is doomed, and ultimately worthless.

Paper money will be 2D barcoded, and all transactions will be traceable. Petty financial crime will cease to exist, although large e-crime will flourish.

Your children or Grandchildren will have to learn to deal with machines that are smarter than they are. Our true offspring will be Homo Sapiens 2.0, the inheritors of our culture. If we are to go to other planets, HS 2.0 will be our envoy.

Human clones, hybrids, and enhanced animals will confuse all the current controversy about life.

Extra terrestrial industrial civilizations will be found via quantum signals encoded in the quantum spin of photons. Physicists have transmitted signals instantly from one end of the Canary Islands to the other, about 120 miles, using quantum entanglement. This is very much a Marconi moment.

Third world countries with resources will hire first world management firms to run most aspects of their government. Tribal societies who have no history of non corrupt legal systems will flock to these services in lieu of civil war.

People will find non-consuming, non-polluting ways to burn their intellectual and social energy. Although clunky and much berated, Second Life points the way.

I could do an entry on any one of these, and retain the right to do so. Stay tuned. (When was the last time you tuned in a station on TV or radio, or dialed a phone?)

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Charley said...

"People will find non-consuming, non-polluting ways to burn their intellectual and social energy."

I really like the words used here.