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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's the hypocracy, stupid.

First let me state, and this comes from fifteen years of observing Idaho politics from just across the Washington border, The Famous Potato Republicans are certifiable. It was not by chance that the Aryan Nations, and dozens of smaller, more discrete white supremacists picked Idaho to site their compounds. The Republican party is a subsidiary of the Mormon Church in the South and, a blast from the past, The John Birch Society in the north. Mining and industrial style farming oil the economy, but the federal government really is the cash cow.

Now Senator Larry, (Naughty Boy), Craig has, well lets just say he WISHES he just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Adding himself to the lengthy list of social conservatives caught in compromising and illegal positions Craig decided to try a new track. Deny everything. Yeah, right.

The worst thing about the Craig affair is that it knocked the second anniversary of Katrina off the front page. The real scandal here is the revelation that the well heeled residents of the Redneck Rivera in coastal Mississippi and Alabama are getting the lion's share of the money. This is the politics of race writ large and white. Of course we won't hear the boys at Fox complaining about the federal reconstruction of the Mississippi mansions, but they will resent the hell out of any single black mother and kids living in a FEMA trailer on food stamps. Destroys family values, you know.

My suggestion to the Value Voters is, start your own party. Then you can vette your candidates with more than questionnaires. The rack, tongs and a fire pit should weed out any closet gays. Re-read your bible. There is a lot of stuff in there about helping the poor and sick, and damn little written about gays and stem cells. Make yourselves useful.

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