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Thursday, September 20, 2007

I am more moral than God

I'm talking about the biblical god here. I am so much more moral a creature than the one described in the New Testament and Torah there can be little comparison.

Lets start with the great flood of Noah. The Torah says the god wiped out mankind to a single family because most humans wouldn't do what he ordered. I would never do such a thing. It is against my moral code to wipe out a single person, kitten or puppy just because they disobey me. I base my morality on tens of thousands of years of cultural refinement that both restrain and inspire my actions. There is a lot of genocide and infanticide in the Torah, inspired by a god that states that the home team is above reproach. I wouldn't even do such things to the Evil Dallas Cowboys during the insufferable Tom Landry decades.

The local god of the Old Slave South, AKA Dixie, is a very cruel, bloodthirsty, racist god. I think all those things are immoral. The god of Rome is a manipulative, magical, thoroughly devious prick. Once again, bad. The god of Calvin is as cold and inhumane as any golden calf.

The god of the new testament and Torah condone the owning of one person by another. I don't think this is such a good idea. I could go on for pages, but the idea is that if you follow a god or gods you are capable of any horror, while I have to justify my actions when judged against the norms of our culture. There are no get out of jail free or 007 justification for acting in god's name. I am responsible for my actions, and will never get forgiveness for my transgressions. There's a moral imperative if I ever saw one.

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