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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Women In Black V. Code Pink

I winced when viewing the "protests" during General Partraeus's loyal marketing of the administration's rosy scenario for Iraq. What the hell were they thinking? Indecipherable hollering while wearing pink paper tiaras is no way to influence anyone. It may make them feel better, but it played right into the popular image of anti war kooks. The Women in Black, however, strike a powerful image just by standing on the corner of Olympic Drive and Point Fosdick every Friday rain or shine. Anywhere from six to twenty women, all dressed in black, just stand there with a banner behind them that just says "Women In Black". After a year or two everyone has figured out the fact that these women are serious and unbowed, even with a gang of VFW drunks taunting them from across the street. It reminds me of the mothers that demonstrated in Argentina against the Junta that had "disappeared" their children. Ghandi wore no pink headdress. He stood witness against injustice and paid the price with his body and freedom.

Dishonoring the serious American patriots who oppose this insane incursion in Iraq, as "Code Pink" did, is beyond forgiveness. The American left has made itself irrelevant with these insane fixation on 911 denialism, and bizarre costumed protests. Are we clowns? Is protest some sort of political self indulgence? Recycle your giant paper mache Bush heads and sea turtle costumes, and register people to vote. Clean up and knock doors for your candidate. Get a clue about what is doable and what is over the top. Civilization itself depends on our success. Is there one individual out there who thinks electing Bush over Gore in 2000 did not lead directly to the Iraq war?

Now go feed your cat and write your congressman a polite letter.

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