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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Drop The Duck

Wh have a story out of Lynwood, a suburb of Seattle, that involves a shoplifter, a duck, and a woman who made a poor choice in boyfriends. My children and I have adopted the phrase "Drop the duck" to indicate screwing up something you shouldn't be doing in the first place.

A young man and his girlfriend and her pet duck parked in the lot of a Petco that had a Bed Bath and Beyond. The gent went into the house goods store to steal an iPod player, and the woman went into the Petco to have her duck looked at (the story wasn't specific on this point). A security guard chased the guy out of his store, and he jumped in his car to flee, but the girlfriend exited the Petco, duck, temporarily, in hand. Flying car doors, squealing tires, pursuing security guard. Girl tries to get into a moving get-away car, drops duck. Petco employee tries to help woman retrieve duck, and gets her foot run over for her trouble. This all took less time to happen than than it takes to read. Boyfriend disables his own car by hitting another in the lot.

If there hadn't been a duck involved the incident would not be notable, but add the duck, and it rises to the top, and spawns the new phrase.

Make a mistake in addition while cheating on your taxes? You dropped the duck. Put your SUV in the ditch trying to get around a police barrier? Yup. Duck dropped. Call your current wife by your ex wife's name? You will suffer, but no ducks were dropped. I think a legal infraction should be involved.

I credit my children with helping develop this phrase. You can connect to the original link by clicking on the headline of this post.

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