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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Look Over There! It's A Shiney Thing!

Salmond Rushdie was on Bill Maher's show week before last, and, while he was drowned out by the other guests, he made a salient point. Paraphrased it would be something like: "What are you people thinking? The subject is the war. Not ads. Not even Backwater. It's the war stupid." Bush's Iraq adventure has degraded our national defense capacity. That's what the former heads of the Joint Chiefs says, not some lefty peace-nick. Our military is barely capable of keeping up with the ever evolving improvised explosive device evolution. Apparently there is no defense against against the shaped copper charge. We are rapidly deploying half million dollar vehicles that are just as vulnerable as unarmored humvees to these simple homemade devices. We ignore the fact that we are occupying a country that doesn't want to be occupied with an inadequate force. The only question is, are we going to be run out of Iraq in an orderly manner or have a shooting withdrawal?

Now, like a crack addict trying to quit by taking up heroin, the neocons are flogging war with Iran. Great idea boys. Oil gets to $150 a barrel in a week, the economy goes in the crapper, to quell criticism we guantanimoize the opposition at home. If you think they wouldn't dare, you just haven't been paying attention to the Republican wing of the Republican Party.

We are about to deploy the Osprey aircraft in the Middle East. The Osprey has killed almost as many US Marines as Al Qaeda. The Osprey is a helicopter substitute that costs hundreds of millions per copy that bundles the unreliability of helicopters with flakey tilt wing technology. On top of those defects, the Ospry doesn't have the autogyro aspect that saves so many helicopter crews from death. The Osprey represents the finest in pork laden earmarks ever devised by the congressional military industrial complex.

I'm digging a hole for me and the dog. Dig your own damn hole.

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angelsdepart said...

Everytime I see something about this pointless war, it makes me sick to my stomach. Am I the only one that thinks we are sending our children over there to die so that Bush can have his big ego?