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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Love of Fall

This is my favorite season, by far. We have both college football, and the NFL filling the stadia. The World Series and league championship games are on tap. The weather cools, but not so much as to drive my heating bill nuts. Early storms have the energy to knock the power out for days, adding excitement to my life. Tilly, my little funny dog, is almost done with her Summer skin allergies, and can re-grow the fuzz on her haunches. The lawn is dying a death it has deserved for months after devouring hours of my life-span in its service. I hate my lawn. Die lawn, die! The wretched heat killing our poor troops in Iraq is becoming just moderately insufferable. Fall depletes the tourist crush in Seattle, and drives skinny people into bulky togs that don't show off their annoying ability to eschew the tasty treats available as the birthright of us wide assed natives. Without the short, gloomy hours of slate gray overcast Winter days sprinkled with deadly dull NBA games or the annoying cloying promise (threat?) of Spring, Fall has it all.

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Charly said...

Seattle has been declared over and over to be the thinnest city in the nation.