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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

1.6 Tera-Bucks

A tera-buck is one trillion dollars. A little over one and a half trillion dollars have gone down the Iraq war rat hole, and bought us nothing but new enemies and less security. Even the most enthusiastic sane (REPEAT! SANE!) war booster has come to this conclusion, at least in private. The sad fact is that after this war, no program can be rejected out of hand as too expensive. One Iraq War (IW) equals one National Health Care Program. Half an IW = free college tuition for all qualified students. Both desirable expenditure for benefit programs. Maintaining the national transportation infrastructure would be a bargain at a quarter IW. There are thousands of projects in each state that will slip in under congressional doors as amendments, and that cannot be withdrawn because they would each be only a day or two of the IW. Anyone who thinks these expenditures would be liberal pork hasn't been paying attention. For every day care subsidy there will be dozens of pet projects, stadiums, bridges to nowhere, Osprey tilt rotor Marine Killers, etc.

I hear the gravy train bell ringing, and our dour Republican friends are totally bankrupt and incapable of raising the financial stop sign. They brought it on themselves, and can go cry in their rooms. Nobody cares anymore.

The new Rethuglican rising star is the snake handler Mike Huckabee. The wingnut magazine Weekly Standard is tearing into him, just as I predicted about a month ago. Besides handling snakes, drinking poison, denying science and speaking in tongue he has embraced the heresy of Global Climate Change. Fixing the American part of the problem could easily cost one IW. I don't really expects the Rethuglicans to nominate Huckabee, but he will make the next six months interesting.

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