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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Can Obama Do The Job?

President? Of course. If W. Bush can be president then anyone meeting the constitutional requirements can hold the office. My little dog could do a better job than W, but she's not old enough, unless dog years count.

My problem with Obama is that he just won't annoy the people I want to annoy anywhere nearly enough. This may seem petty, but I'm a petty guy. Sure the swift-boaters will try to paint him as a dope fiend or closeted Moslem, but they have all their resources loaded to hit Hillary, and a change of target would throw them off their game for a while. The SB gang will adapt. After all, if they can portray Max Cleland as a peacenik commie traitor, nothing is beneath them. See: . I just think Obama would be such a breath of fresh air that it would blow the Rethuglican hit squad's foul stench out to sea.

A Hillary Clinton administration would be a boon to Limbaugh and Focus on the Family. Oh the cash would flow.

On another count, Has anyone else noticed that if an organization has the word "Family" in its title it will be a bunch of jerks?

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