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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti (SNIP) DOH!

Gimme that ol' time religion. Pope (Eggs) Benedict has purged the church of Rome of "Modern" music. When he says modern, he means any chorals written after 1900 AD. We should remember that that sort of music can't be properly preformed without the castrato boy singers. In the eyes of the holy bachelors of old those "altered" boys made the best singers. It almost makes priestly molestation seem benign. This pope is a stickler for tradition, so watch out kids. Benny is the same guy who wants to "correct" other religions.

I don't know what appeal a religion offers that seems to be centrally concerned with access to young males for perverted purposes when they aren't smuggling SS Nazis to South America.

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