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Friday, November 9, 2007

Hill Of Beans

Hillary Clinton kills kitties. It is on Fox News that she put out hits on Kathleen Willey's cats because she testified against Bill. Kathleen Willey is flogging a book to the Freepers that make that claim and more. If you think the Clintons are Satan incarnate, then this looks like the book for you.

When it comes to Hillary Clinton, some folk just come unhinged. Both left and right hate her with a fire that cannot be quenched. I have read over the years that Hillary is or was: a lesbian, an abortionist, a murderer, a traitor, a communist, a Red Chinese spy, not an American citizen, paid by George Soros, in the pay of al Qaeda, a serial killer, a genocidal maniac, more dangerous than North Korea and Iran combined. And that was just one of the thousands of Hate Hill pages available on the innerweb.

Killing kitties goes too far. She must be stopped. Click the headline for the story or cut and paste:

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