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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Like Mormons.

Yup. To a man or woman I've liked the Mormons I've known. My experience was much like Kyle's on South Park. Yes the religion is insanely evil, but its followers are good citizens, send their kids to public school and can be counted on to do their civic duty. There is a certain clubbiness air about Mormons, and they will, once installed in an office or job will recruit fellow followers of Joseph Smith.

Silly underwear? Yes! Insane history? Yes Bogus archaeology? Absolutely. Theology as malevolent as the Church of Rome? Si Si! Is Utah insufferably cloying? Oy!

Any group as large as Mormons will have its gang of con men and thugs, but the church itself isn't as entrepreneurial as protestant christianity, more like the Catholics they have a hierarchy that suffers no questions.

I won't go over the madcap theology of the LDS, there's plenty of Christians doing that. Oddly Romney is painting the LDS into a cultish corner that will do great harm to the elders of Salt Lake. He looks like the one Mormon I don't care for, but I think that's a function of his pandering to the snake handling wing of the Rethuglican party.

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