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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Libertarians: The Short Course.

I've subscribed to "Reason Magazine" for the last ten months mostly because I really wanted to give the Libertarians a fair chance. I was willing to forgive their adherance to a philosophy that is at its core is anti-human. Denying the collective cultural nature of humankind is reminiscant of the Marxist's denying the value of the individual. Libertarians have the advantage of not killing millions in the furtherance of their cause. At least not yet, but the Ayn Rand wing has potential for great evil.

Libertarians would be great for advances in arts and sciences up to the point when science delves into basics and there is no obvious aplication. There are plenty of places in the world that have pure Libertarian societies. I just wouldn't want to live in any of them. Somolia comes to mind. No taxes. No public schools. Everyone has a gun. Everyone is religious. Infrastructure is built and maintained by private intrests. Property rights are absolute. No environmental laws.

Ideologies that try to shove any process as complicated as an economy through a key hole of ideology is doomed to fail, but I don't think Libertarians have any intent to rule. I just think they are pissed off by having to pay taxes for the most part. Reason magazine seems to think the general populace is a mass of retarded sheep.

I really gave the Libertarians a fair shot at converting me to their side as professed by their published political mouthpiece. It's no sale. Anyone who thinks something as complex as a modern economy can be funneled through a keyhole of ideology is doomed to fail. Libertarianism eschews the collective nature of society and the expression of this nature as government.

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