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Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Political Dilemma

The Democratic Party (That's Democrat Party to you Rethuglicans) has been destroying its electoral base. For more than sixty years the Democrats have been promoting programs that move voters from poverty into the middle class, and the middle class into prosperity. This upward mobility generally makes a change in the voter's affiliation, and they start to vote Rethuglican. The Rethuglicans win, begin to destroy those programs and the populace slips into poverty. Class divide becomes acute, and few ultra wealthy begin to dominate. At this point the Rethuglicans are turning their former voters into Democrats. This process repeats every two generations.

Now the Rethuglican pros are trying to take eyes off economics, and rely on The Forever War and religious bigotry to recruit votes. It won't work. The political wilderness awaits, so they better get their resumes off to the Heritage Foundation or American Enterprise Institute. Of course there are always spots in upper management oil and insurance companies, but those aren't as much fun for a true political hack.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article it was noted that the financial upper 5% is, in obvious fear of a new French style revolution, abandoning the Rethuglican Party. According to the Journal, these defectors were also being turned off by the gang of snake handlers that have taken over their GOP.

On a personal note, it is the time of the year when football coaches begin to lose their jobs. So far SMU and Baylor have shown the coach the door. Perhaps more have. UW's hire out of the Notre Dame staff isn't doing the job, nor is his replacement at ND. No Summer Camp for you boys. Oregon, even with a loss or two impresses. Texas Tech whupped up on #5 OU in what has got to have been the best game of the weekend. The Apple Cup cometh.

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