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Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Race So Far.

Like the sportscasters' run up before the run-up to another boring Super Bowl or World Series the political talking heads are pumping the also-rans and dissecting every punctuation mark of Senator Clinton, the obvious nominee. I understand that a good fight makes ratings, but the process for the Democratic Party is all over but the shoutin'. The race is to be Hillary's choice for VP, so be nice to her guys. The fight is over in the Rethuglican primaries. In the lead we have Rudy the Rough. Hot on his heels is Romney the cultist, with Huckabee the snake-handler closing fast. McCain is the sad old man, and Ron Paul is the crazy old man. There is one that doesn't like Mexicans, but I don't remember his name. There are some more spear carriers, but who cares?

I'm waiting for Huckabee to deliver a stump speech in tongues.

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