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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Real Contract With America

Never let it be said an effective idea for one side won't work for the other. The '94 Republican's Contract With America was a cynical bag of unobtainable promises that got a gang of ultra righties elected. All we need to do is remove the "Con" from the Contract, eschew the focus groups and go for '08 in a big way. Unfortunately Pelosi and Reed's heads have to roll.

Owing to the leadership of the Democratic Party in both houses nothing is going anywhere. Pelosi and Reed are classic minority leaders thrust into majority leadership, and they aren't equipped for the job. The whole "please don't hit me, sir." ideology has got to go. Dare I say, we need our Newt. We need a list of reforms that the House and Senate candidates can run on. End the war. Balance the budget on the backs of the super rich. Create new employment and industries. Health care for all. Restore America's moral leadership by prosecuting torturers and mercenary murders. No more picking unnecessary fights. Restoration of national service for all.

It's going to take a revolt among the Democrats to replace their leadership, and get back on track. Otherwise we'll get another decade of closely divided government that may well be ruled by Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats.


Anonymous said...

Bert, how do you balance the budget on the backs of the super rich?

Bert Chadick said...

I should think a 1% asset tax on all holdings over three million dollars in value would be a good start. When I say all, I mean all. This group made out like bandits since 1980.

Anonymous said...

What do you do when these people start taking their assets and the jobs they create elsewhere? Who do you tax then? It won't work, Bert. We can't expect the "rich" to pay for what everybody else wants.

Bert Chadick said...

I've heard this "I'm going to take my money and go to ________ because of the taxes". Those folk have moved years ago to tax-less nations. If taxes would make people move nobody would live in New York or Mass. anymore. Are you going to save 1% a year by moving to the third world? You should be ready to pay at least that much to keep from being kidnaped and ransomed. The extreme disparity in income and asset allocation is just as much a threat to the US as it was in pre revolutionary France. Any civilized place is still going to have higher taxes than the US, even after this tax is implemented.

Warren Buffet is famous for saying that the disparity in taxes between himself and his employees is obscene.

All that said, the Ds probably soft peddle that particular item for '08. Don't worry, they aren't listening to me anyway.