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Monday, November 5, 2007

Turn Yourself In

I've done it. I emailed the FBI, and told them I couldn't be trusted, and am probably disloyal to President Smirking Chimp. I confessed that I harbored a deep disrespect for all employees of the American Enterprise Institute. I cannot be trusted to vote for the appointed and anointed by god. I have told and enjoyed jokes at the Republican Party's expense. I giggled when I heard that J. Edgar Hoover was a raging queen.

In the early '50s there was another period of government sponsored reign of fear. The brave spoke out, and were punished. Those who wouldn't knuckle under were blacklisted. To have lived through that era without being blacklisted is nothing to brag about. Those who cooperated with the fear-mongers are scorned to this day.

I'm sure I'm at least on the no-fly list by now, but my objective is to be questioned by a homeland security thug. Please make it a Blackwater goon. Please.

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