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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We Are Pleased

Damn! I had written off PBS as a mealy mouthed flackitorium for Tupak Chokra, other new age Feng Shue shills and self help gurus. Now they go and run an excellent Nova documentary on the Dover Pennsylvania school parent's suit over Intelligent Design, the old wine of creationism put up in fancy new bottles. The two hour program titled "Judgement Day" that, in no uncertain terms, exposed the unspoken agenda of the ID creationist movement, and specifically that of the Discovery Institute. Seattle's Discovery Institute's founding document, "The Wedge" advocated the destruction of science education as we know it, and substitute a theocratic paradigm on all of science. Blending the idea of a six thousand year old Biblical universe with the thirteen billion year old observed universe is going to be impossible. All of medicine and genetics will have to be dialed back to pre WWII levels to jibe with Bible "science". Close all the Paleontology departments and geology departments because they are going to find out things that are antipathetic to Creation a la scripture. Physics is in deep dodo. No more atomic decay or any of relativity allowed.
We are going to have to cut a lots of gangsta thugs out of prison so there will be room for all the scholars who won't comply. Ever see "A Clockwork Orange"?

Discovery Institute is headquartered in Seattle, probably the most godless city in the USA, statistically more heathen than even San Francisco. How we ever got this gang here on Puget Sound escapes me. It seems they would be happier in Oklahoma City or Dallas, but the big tech money here is just too tempting. The sad fact is that you can be a wealthy engineer and still believe in biblical young earth creationism.


Treygdor said...

Oh, there's plenty of crazy to go around. Just check out the creation museum.

Treygdor said...

available free online now.