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Thursday, November 1, 2007

You Just Knew This Was Coming, Part II

Today the NYT announced that Kenneth Starr has taken on Blackwater as a client. Perfect. Bush's personal lawyer Fred F. Fielding also partnered up to defend the poor beleaguered mercenary army against the families of the now deceased employees who were burned and hung from the bridge in Falluja. We aren't even addressing the slaughter in Baghdad that is currently under investigation.

Ken Starr made his rep, for those of you with memories of a Fox News blowhard, by prosecuting several bogus Clintonian "crimes", and cheerleading the impeachment of the only good president we've had in the last forty years.

Way to go, Kenny boy! You are living down to my expectations.

There is a whole gaggle of Republican operatives either running PR for Blackwater or working on their legal team. Great. The Republicans have their own private army. The paid killers' board of directors is manned by GOP stalwarts, and management is a financial gravy train for the Republican party campaigns. The chairman alone donated $229,000.00 during the last reporting period.

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