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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fear Factory Forced To Recall Iran War

The White House Fear Factory was forced to recall their popular "Forever War®" play action set "Iran Gonna Get Yo Momma!" due to a high concentration of cooked intelligence painted on the included atom bomb plant. CEO GWB said in a press conference that Iran still wants to get your momma, and the cooked intelligence is good for you if you swallow it whole. Vice President of Sales, Dick Cheney, authorized the rendition of any intelligence officer thought to have refused to cook the intelligence properly, and was quoted as saying "LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!! NINE ELEVEN!!! CODE RED!! NUKES! NERVE GAS! NINE ELEVEN!!"

The Fear Factory's refusal to recall the "Forever War®" play action set "Saddam Gonna Get Yo Momma" has caused the companies stock to fall precipitously. Many political users of "Forever War®" products have found their careers irreparably damaged, while some seem to thrive on the poison. Once the sure cure of wrapping in a flag and blood stained tunics of fallen soldiers was enough to ward off the ill effects of "Forever War®" products. Not any more.

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Great post.

(from heather at Whydontyou blog, who can no longer remember what gmail user names she ever had, let alone the passwords)