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Saturday, December 1, 2007


It's snowing! Yea! On Puget Sound and environs snow is a rare enough occurrence, and fluffy snow even more so. While we are at the latitude of Minot North Dakota the Pacific Ocean's huge mass of warm wetness mitigates the chill, and heat in the Summer.

You would think with all the four wheel drive vehicles on the road we would see fewer folk in the ditch than back in the pre-SUV dark ages, but no. Four wheel drive allows you to get going, but is worthless for stopping. Anti lock brakes help, but with a coefficient of friction close to zero, the ditch awaits you. It will be a very jolly Christmas for the kiddies of tow truck drivers.

On other matters: The University of Tennessee and the University of Texas should flip a coin and decide who gets orange and white for school colors. The orange serif capital "T" is just confusing. As I type this Tennessee is ahead of LSU, but the snow is screwing the satellite signal up. What the hell was I thinking when I changed from Dish Network to Direct TV? Not only does the evil Rupert Murdoch profit, but anytime there is a single snow flake in the Northern hemisphere the thing craps out. When digital signal goes bad, you don't get a poor picture like on the old antenna, you get no picture at all. Now they want me to buy Satellite digital radio.

Send up a flair if LSU scores again.

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