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Saturday, December 1, 2007

What Will The Neighbors Think?

Astronomers have found evidence of a fifth planet orbiting the binary system CNC 55 a little over 45 light years from Earth. With a system so rich in planets and of the right age its entirely possible there is a rocky world in the "Goldylocks Zone" that could support a technically sophisticated race. The are getting our broadcasts from 1964, and a taste of our culture, or at least the culture of the television and radio emitting nations. Our stellar neighbors should begin to wonder why, for a period of approximately ninety day cycles every year our microwave broadcasts are dominated by short repeated programs that seem to tout the desirability of crystalized carbon trinkets, personal transport with comically large bows tied to their roofs and small containers of liquid that emit exotic chemicals that seem to be desired by one of the reproductive groups. Of course in 1964 the most powerful microwaves came from Moscow but had no short programs and were filled with lengthy head-shots of pasty aging males droning on and on interspersed with grainy film of combines and tractors at work.

Of course these aliens may just be at the stage of the pharonic Egyptians or be so far advanced as to see us as sort of like Aztecs with cellphones. They may have as much in common with us as we have with ants. What will they think of us when the last five years of signals get there. Yikes!

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Ryan Green said...

This stuff is so exciting! I cannot wait until we actually have the ability to take photograph of an earth-like planet. Oh my god, If only I was born in a different time I could be a extrasolar biologist.