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Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Limey Sot and the Frat-Boy. A tale of woe.

When Christopher Hitchins looks at George W. Bush he sees Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, the humble Roman who put down his plow long enough on three occasions to get Rome through two wars and a revolt. Therein lie the dangers of an Oxford education in the classics mitigated by copious alcohol consumption. We do love our boozy Brit thinkers over here, and I laud Hitch for his unabashed bashing of religion, but his support for the self righteous frat boy currently occupying the White House has me flummoxed. How can a guy who has been so right for so long be so wrong on the existential question of our day. Why do a few thousand seventh century tribal fascists living in caves drive Hitchins to the brink? They hate our guts because their civilization has been left in the dust, and have anger driven religious fantasies of destroying Western Civilization. What else is new? Five minutes with your favorite browser will locate dozens of groups that have the same sort of raging religious resentment located right here in the USA. Focus on the Family comes to mind.

Cincinnatus was, by all accounts, a humble and unambiguous man. George W. Bush is the spoiled child of inherited oil wealth and political power. I’ll give Hitchins the fact that they both were and are uncomplicated folk, and I don’t know if Lucius Quinctius was an uncurious soul, but George certainly is. He, by all accounts, suspects folk who refuse to act on gut instinct. George is using a horrible, but, in the big historical picture, minor incident to develop an irrational cloud of fear of the unknown outside inscrutable enemy, and thereby accruing enormous power. (Yes the 9/11 was a minor hit compared to other disasters that have and will injure our nation)

Hitch! Wake your drunken Limey ass up and realize these Islamic Falangists can’t really do anything to us except goad us into destroying ourselves. Are we really that stoopid?