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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Strange behavior

Without trying to come to any conclusion, I have taken note of my little dog's love of licking my ankles when I emerge from the shower. She loves it. As soon as the water is shut off she is scratching at the bathroom door and whining until I let her in to sate her disturbing fetish. I would write this off as a by -product of the poodle / pomeranian gene meld, however I have observed the same behavior of a cat I had long ago. No canine DNA there.

What conclusions could we draw? Some possibilities:

1. I exude chicken soup from my ankle bones.

2. Our well water is 30% cheese

3. The dog is in the pay of the Republican Party.

4. She would like to bite me, but she has only worked herself up to licking so far.

5. Jesus did it.

6. Drinking from her bowl of fresh water is not disturbing enough.

7. She's a bitch.

8. She's Al Qaeda.

9. She wants a mention in my Blog.

10. Revenge. (The source of most disturbing behavior)

I shall continue to shower, and she shall continue to lick. I feel like a shark with a little furry remora feeding on my foot droplets. Tolerated and familiar. Not important, but notable.