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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Government is the problem".... GW Bush

Sure it is the problem...THE WAY YOU DO IT! It can't come as any surprise that, if you hire party hacks that don't think an agency should even exist to run that agency, things will go to hell.

I first realized this problem when I was introduced to the Reagan administration's head of Job Corps. I can't remember his name, and the NYT wants $7.95 to fish it out of their archives, but suffice it to say that he was a crusty old Great Planes rancher who had no interest in seeing that inner city minority kids learned a trade or got their GED. The funny thing is, that set of goals is the mission of Job Corps. Under Nixon, at least he hired folks that tried to do their jobs. The New Right realizes that many of these federal programs have considerable public support, so the best way to destroy these programs is to run them into the ground. Strangle the appropriation to the point where an agency can't deliver its service, and the point of the agency disappears, and the public is sold on the idea that government can't do anything right.