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Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Race So Far.

Like the sportscasters' run up before the run-up to another boring Super Bowl or World Series the political talking heads are pumping the also-rans and dissecting every punctuation mark of Senator Clinton, the obvious nominee. I understand that a good fight makes ratings, but the process for the Democratic Party is all over but the shoutin'. The race is to be Hillary's choice for VP, so be nice to her guys. The fight is over in the Rethuglican primaries. In the lead we have Rudy the Rough. Hot on his heels is Romney the cultist, with Huckabee the snake-handler closing fast. McCain is the sad old man, and Ron Paul is the crazy old man. There is one that doesn't like Mexicans, but I don't remember his name. There are some more spear carriers, but who cares?

I'm waiting for Huckabee to deliver a stump speech in tongues.

You Just Knew This Was Coming, Part II

Today the NYT announced that Kenneth Starr has taken on Blackwater as a client. Perfect. Bush's personal lawyer Fred F. Fielding also partnered up to defend the poor beleaguered mercenary army against the families of the now deceased employees who were burned and hung from the bridge in Falluja. We aren't even addressing the slaughter in Baghdad that is currently under investigation.

Ken Starr made his rep, for those of you with memories of a Fox News blowhard, by prosecuting several bogus Clintonian "crimes", and cheerleading the impeachment of the only good president we've had in the last forty years.

Way to go, Kenny boy! You are living down to my expectations.

There is a whole gaggle of Republican operatives either running PR for Blackwater or working on their legal team. Great. The Republicans have their own private army. The paid killers' board of directors is manned by GOP stalwarts, and management is a financial gravy train for the Republican party campaigns. The chairman alone donated $229,000.00 during the last reporting period.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Drop The Duck

Wh have a story out of Lynwood, a suburb of Seattle, that involves a shoplifter, a duck, and a woman who made a poor choice in boyfriends. My children and I have adopted the phrase "Drop the duck" to indicate screwing up something you shouldn't be doing in the first place.

A young man and his girlfriend and her pet duck parked in the lot of a Petco that had a Bed Bath and Beyond. The gent went into the house goods store to steal an iPod player, and the woman went into the Petco to have her duck looked at (the story wasn't specific on this point). A security guard chased the guy out of his store, and he jumped in his car to flee, but the girlfriend exited the Petco, duck, temporarily, in hand. Flying car doors, squealing tires, pursuing security guard. Girl tries to get into a moving get-away car, drops duck. Petco employee tries to help woman retrieve duck, and gets her foot run over for her trouble. This all took less time to happen than than it takes to read. Boyfriend disables his own car by hitting another in the lot.

If there hadn't been a duck involved the incident would not be notable, but add the duck, and it rises to the top, and spawns the new phrase.

Make a mistake in addition while cheating on your taxes? You dropped the duck. Put your SUV in the ditch trying to get around a police barrier? Yup. Duck dropped. Call your current wife by your ex wife's name? You will suffer, but no ducks were dropped. I think a legal infraction should be involved.

I credit my children with helping develop this phrase. You can connect to the original link by clicking on the headline of this post.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Hunting Or Pecking.

Animals want to eat you!

I missed the meeting where PETA was voted into the ideological pantheon of the Left in America. They may be marginally countercultural, or at least new age. New age isn't the left that I signed up for. The Left is about justice, fraternalism and equality for all mankind. Yes! Protect the disadvantaged, and encourage the creative? Absolutely! Peace and democracy for all? Yes, yes! Civil rights for chickens? I don't think so.

The connection between justice and livestock escapes me. I've got pet Doggie. I'm very fond of my Doggie. I don't Anthropomorphize my Doggie. She is a dog. Humans have a history with domesticated animals , but an even longer history with hunting wild animals. Humans evolved as omnivores. Animal flesh is a concentrated source of energy and proteins that simply cannot be provided by vegetable matter. Large brains require a lot of this concentrated food. No large brained animal evolved on a strictly vegetarian diet. Paranthropus boisei, extinct about two million years ago, was the last hominid that was a herbivore. They had tiny brains. You've seen the reconstructed skulls with the massive cranial ridge that attached their jaw muscles for the chewing necessary massive amounts of vegetation it took to keep our long lost cousins fed.

Some animals are problematic. The great apes have dawning culture and proto language skills. Probably much like our ancestors three and a half million years ago. It would be unconscionable to destroy a species that shows such promise for intelligence. Beef cattle are never going to develop a mind. Chickens, and their ancestors, the dinosaurs have been evolving for two hundred million years, and have come no closer than the duckbill hadrosaurs to developing a brain and culture.

PETA and the animal rights movement takes the hominid homo sapiens out of evolved niche in cycle of life. Most animal rights folk oppose hunting and fishing, and that puts them in direct opposition to a lot of humans who get some of their diet through hunting or fishing. Preservation of the environment depends on the public will in our system, and trying to paint hunters with some sort of morally depraved brush will simply drive them to the hands of those corporate natural resource exploiters who wish to rape and run through our public lands.

Duck hunters saved the North American flyway through private/public actions long before the first Earth Day. Management of the deer populations in much of the American West is an imperative. The apex predators are gone for all practical purposes, and we are dependent on human hunting to keep the deer population in line with the carrying capacity of the land.

Including the animal rights agenda in the canon has nothing to do with the betterment of mankind or the evolution of Western culture. Animal rights is an affectation of the wealthy classes' second generation, looking for a blameless cause to succor their personal guilt.

I vote we show PETA the door, and not look back.