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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ooh. Make Some Popcorn.

The scorpion that is political religion is unleashed. Romney the cultist and Huckabee the snake handler are at each other's throats. I almost feel sorry for Mitt. Almost. Mormon peculiarities have long been the topic d' jour of the evangelical talkers in tongue. The Latter Day Saints have a wealth of odd 19th century theology created by a notorious con man and treasure hunter. Not 'till L Ron Hubbard came along has there been a bigger spiritual fraudulent founder than Joseph Smith. Evangelicals hate Mormons with a fire that will not be quenched. Mormons are very protective of their own.

The dam has broken, and all that pent up venom that is fundamentalism will wash over Romney's campaign. Mormons are nothing if not stubborn. His supporters will strike back with bushel baskets full of Huckabee quotes and gubernatorial records. The blood will flow. If Romney can hold it close in Iowa and win in New Hampshire the front loading of the primaries will give the well financed Mitt will have the advantage. South Carolina doesn't count in '08 because they will vote for anyone with a drawl. (Bush - McCain?)

Mormon missionaries regularly get beaten by religious nuts in the "Old Slave South", and have been murdered by Catholics and Fundamentalists in Africa and Latin America. Mormons have a history of violence against the national majority religion in their Utah enclave. The religious self righteous, lead by god, cannot be wrong, and any challenge must be met with force. Better they fight each other than come after us heathens.

So make the popcorn, pay your cable bill, fill the fridge with your favorite beverage, put Pizza Hut on speed dial, pull up your favorite chair and enjoy the next ten weeks.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thanks, But I'll Pass.

In Arlington Texas the theme park "Hurricane Harbor" is opening a new ride that they call "The Wild Wedgie". Texas just gets stranger and stranger.