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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fred's Not Here Man.

Unless you listened to Cheech and Chong's records back in the day, the title of this won't make much sense. Come to think of it, it still doesn't make much sense, and I know the routine. Anyway. Fred "Lawn Order" Thompson has left the building. Rethuglicans, generally hard working folk, just couldn't get behind Freetime Freddy. Apparently they've had enough of a President that spends at least a third of his time on official vacation, and is just vacant the rest of the year. Rush Limbaugh has been flogging Thompson's goods, not by endorsing him, but by attacking everyone else running for the Rethuglican's nomination. That yellow pool forming under Limbaugh's chair is caused by the thought of the Hillary Rodham Clinton administration. Rush hates John McCain with an unquenched fury, and will be loathe to say anything nice about him.

I can't much blame Fred for not enthusiastically seeking the nomination. The way the wheels are coming off the Rethuglican party their nomination will earn its recipient a footnote in scholarly tomes on the history of the second Clinton administration.

"Can't Buy Me Love" should be the theme song of the Mitt Romney campaign. As we get to Super Tuesday in February Romney's TV weatherman personality will earn him a gaggle of second and third place spots, but no wins. Even Utah's pockets are not bottomless. The only way he stays in through February is if he thinks there will be a brokered convention (An anathema to order loving Rethuglicans.).

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