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Thursday, January 10, 2008

I hate Best Buy

Best Buy should change their name to "Gotcha!". Their prices on little bits of teck fluff are abusive. I couldn't find my firewire cable, and the local discount house hadn't heard of such a thing (Fred Meyer) so it was Radio Shack, guaranteed to screw you, and Best Buy, also guaranteed to screw you. Sure if you need a 55" HDTV BB is a place to look, but if you need a cable to hook it up, you are screwed.

As you may have gleaned from this post, I was not happy about paying forty bucks for a six foot cable, and after I cool off I will probably delete this entry, but it eases my pain for now.


Ceeb said...

online ordering is the only way to buy such fluff.

Bert Chadick said...

Yes, but I needed the cable to transfer my information from one laptop to a new one so that my darling Daughter could use it at UW.

Time was essential in this case.

PhillyChief said...

Cables are the biggest mark up item in the AV/tech world. There's nothing you can do about it, especially if you need something asap. Best Buy is not alone in this.