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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Night Of The Long Knives

They are still voting in the Super Dooper Tuesday primaries and, as I predicted, the Rethuglicans are cannibalizing their young. The Limbaugh / Dobson wing has laid down the law against McCain by vowing that they would rather lose the White House than support the Senator from Arizona. The snake handler wing has elected to ally themselves with McCain against the Mormon Mitt. It's a religious conflict that cannot be healed without bloodshed. Who said that you had to wear a turban to be spoiling for a religious war?

In the last days of the Nazi empire, Der Fuher and most of his lackeys hunkered in their bunker drawing elaborate plans for counter-attacks with troops that were cooling their heels in Allied POW camps. There were outriders in Berlin that were hanging the minions who tried to escape from the advancing Soviet doom. The same thing is happening at the RNC. No strategy can save them. The wingnut gasbags of AM radio are aware that a Democratic president would be a financial windfall for their businesses. Rage sells lots of advertisers time on ultra right stations. With the fall of the Rethuglicans power in DC the true believers will be bewildered, despondent and looking for someone to blame. We can't have true de-Nazification, but we will have a teaching moment where the poor deluded folk who have been living under the influence of the bloviating righties can be brought back to rationality. They all won't come, but a lot may because winning is its own reward. Ultra conservatives like to feel that they are voices in the wilderness anyway, much like snake handlers like to think that they are being persecuted. 

There is even an outside chance that the Democrats will have the sixty votes that will make Rethuglican filibustering impossible, at the least they can strip Lieberman of his power and let him serve out his term in the political wilderness. That result alone would be worth the money.

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