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Friday, February 8, 2008

Ron Paul: Walking Temper Tantrum

I don't care about Ron Paul, but his supporters do bother me a bit. It's not even his regular speaking dates before the White Citizen's Council or his Neo-Confederate movement supporters, but the libertarian dilettantes with his yard signs that give me the willies. Except in Alaska Paul isn't polling  over 2% anywhere. So why all the enthusiasm for a seventy-two year old man with no prospects for ever getting a nomination? It defies logic, even if you are pissed off and too lazy to actually, I don't know, actually get involved or something. So you are pissed off about the IRS, or more precisely, having to pay taxes. Fair enough. The tax system is unnecessarily confused by eighty years of congressional fiddling. If you want the US to be the sort of world leader of Western Civilization that we have become, then it'll cost ya'. That means big taxes. If you want cheap, may I suggest Afghanistan. No taxes there.  Want to go back to the gold standard? Then the only economic activity that would make any sense would be refining and mining gold. If you want to replace all the M1 and M2 out there you are going to need a lot of gold. More than currently exists. If gold went to $100,000/oz there still wouldn't be enough gold to back all the money in circulation.  And that's just his economics. There are lots of other delusions that libertarians suffer, but I'll get to those some other time.


Anonymous said...

Skip the middleman and just send me the money. Afghanistan at least stood up to communist control. Too bad America can't say the same, we're as red as the Soviets we just call ourselves a republic. I suppose you enjoy the FED doing the thinking for you when it comes to economics.

Bert said...

Someone needs to control the money supply. It's either them or a national bank, a la the European nations. The fantasy of the magical deux ex machina gold standard or other economic invisible hand to act as the governor of the economy is insanely naive. I can't believe anyone seriously entertains the idea that a first world economy be allowed to fly solo.

As far as our police state tendencies, I'm betting that November will cure that, and if the new administration has any sand they will indict a bunch of the thugs that previously or currently working for Bush. There is nothing like a few criminals figuratively hanging from the K street lamp poles to get the attention of the rest of the gang.