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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Shame Of Seattle.

In downtown Seattle, between I5 and the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal sits The Discovery Institute, a pseudo-science think tank and right wing lobbying organization. Discovery Institute plays a sort of clearing house for unbranded creationism and anti-evolutionist propaganda. Perhaps the DI didn't invent the concept of "intelligent design" but they sure have become the marketing agency for the concept of an unnamed (but suspiciously exactly like the god of the bible) as the creator of immutable animal forms we see today. The DI doesn't stop at evolution. The DI fellows will supply you with a pro-war, pro-imperial foreign policy speaker for your Chamber of Commerce meetings. To prove that they are not totally evil they do support solar energy, but turn around and promote the "paving only" solution for traffic gridlock.

Such an organization should feel more at home in Dallas or  Houston, and not in notoriously liberal, unchurched Seattle. The Disco Institute is largely funded by the weird millionaire recluse George Guilder who is currently in the running for the  coveted title of "The New Howard Hughes".

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