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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Obama Doomed

In the last four days "The Speech"®  has been deconstructed to the point where hell won't have it. So, not being one to miss an opportunity to flog a dead horse, here's my take. Barack, Barack. You can't talk to voters as if they are adults. If every politico did that, the electorate would be forced to actually understand the issues and watch CSPAN instead of American Idol. If we remove politics from the entertainment realm then Fox News will go dark in a week. If everyone were to have to justify their prejudices then the folk that have based their careers  in feeding the rage that glows in the dark corners of people's hearts would have ot go back to work selling used cars. Barack, people love cartoons, and don't do nuance. Case in point: Saddam and 9/11. Moslems with turbans committed the crime, the Iraqis are Moslems with turbans, ergo, Iraq did the deed.

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