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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Up, Down, Charm, Strange, Truth, Beauty

Can you describe all of existence in mathematical terms? Perhaps, but the expression is gong to need one hell of a blackboard. As I've said before I've come to a personal acceptance of quantum inscrutability and the probable idea that our universe is only one expression if a shadow of an unimaginable multiverse, but as of last week, I'm beginning to think our professional proton bashers are just starting to make it up. Everyone knows about the classic double split interference pattern made by photons when the energy packets apparently interfere with themselves. The current thought is that photons exist to some, and varying a  extent in several dimensions, and the self canceling action happens in unseen and unseeable places in the multiverse. The description of this action is both observational and mathematical, and makes some sense. But Woah! Now comes the concept of the guiding field that is part and parcel of a photon stream. This steering field is apparently a vectored field that paves the way for the onrushing photons. The way I understand this concept is that it creates an entirely new force beyond electroweak, strong and gravity. Do we hate the multiverse so much that we are willing to mess up the physics sandbox? Is quantum unpredictability so odious as to invent new stuff just to make the universe run to our liking? Religion started with such thinking.

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