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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cannibal Magician Visits NYC

Pope "Eggs" Benedict, former Nazi and head of the spiritual KGB within the catholic church better known as "The Inquisition" has come to New York. Daily he changes cheap wine into blood and soda crackers into jesus meat and feeds these gorey treats to his cultists. On the West Coast we have the first counter demonstration against the Dali Lama, former pope of Tibet. The nerve of some people! Most folk think the Dali Lama is a sort of glowing entity with one foot in the great beyond and the other on the earth. Granted he never, to my knowledge, sent albino monks out to murder Tom Hanks, but he is the head of a theocracy in exile. The Tibetan tribal theocracy had a very dark side that went underground with the Chinese invasion and occupation. Unfortunately I have a complete archive of The National Geographic Magazine on CD ROM, and viewed the piles of bones of the serfs that the monks had flayed the flesh from for "banditry". The article, from the late '20s went on to explain that banditry was any withholding of the cut of their production demanded by the monastery looming over the villages and fields. Not exactly the heaven on earth imagined by many. 

On balance Tibet is a tribal culture, and should be viewed as such. On the other hand the Church of Rome knows better, but does evil anyway.

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