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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Obama And Opening Day

The local Boys of Summer (an odd name for a group of multi millionaire mercenaries) have played their opening day game, and, winning that one against the hated Texas Rangers, offer the hope that dissipates the bitter taste of last year's shortcomings. On opening day even the Baltimore Oriole or Florida Ray fans have the hope of an amnesiac ingenue. I think this is a good thing. Without hope for rebirth, the coming post-Bush era would just be too depressing. 

All the talk about experience misses the fact that our president is an office that combines a head of state and a ruler. Sort of a queen and prime minister combined. The function of the Head of State is sort of like a living flag that presents a public face of a country. Barry Obama presents a face of the USA that much of the world would not recognize. As is with the opening day game, the election of a multi racial, articulate, uncorrupted president would be like pressing the reset button on your garbage disposal. The fog would lift, our enemies would be disarmed, there would be dancing in the streets all over the world. Everything that Bush is, Obama is not. 

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