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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

With Friends Like This.........

Israel got caught again filching military secrets from the Pentagon. In the last, and I would argue most dangerous, days of the Soviet Union Israeli Mossad spies gave extremely valuable US military secrets to the Israelis, who turned around and traded them for Jewish refugees from the Soviet Union. Later Michael Pollard, a Naval Intelligence Officer, gave telemetry that later made our enemies aware of US satellite capacity. The State of Israel works for its own best interest, and will help us when it doesn't conflict with their interests. Fair enough. Now we have the Israeli government creating a de facto concentration camp out of the Gaza Strip and to a lesser extent, the West Bank. The establishment of Israeli apartheid has lead to little outrage here in the US because the victims of their race crimes are Arabs, the most unsympathetic ethnic group going. Our ignorant vision of the Arab peoples is one of corrupt Saudi princes and suicide bombers, certainly a small percentage of Middle Easterners. It is not genetic. Israelis are the same ethnic stock as the Arabs, if their culture is not. You would think that twelve centuries of European abuse would have taught the Jewish people that there is a downside to discrimination and genocide. A friend of mine said that the only difference between the Israeli treatment of the Arabs and the German treatment of the Jews was that the Israelis don't have railroad cattle cars to pack the Arabs into.

Now the most annoying and dangerous political organization in the Americas, the Evangelical Christians, have allied themselves with the worst of the Israeli ultra nationalist right wingers. John McCain openly courts the ignorant thug John Hagge, Überpreacher of the "Christians United for Israel". An innocuous sounding group that is supportive of the "Greater" Israel concept that moves the zionist border to almost all of the Middle East. These are the jokers who find quit claim deeds in the bible, and claim that the only reason their god doesn't smote us big time is our support of Israel.

If we pick our next president on their support of any policy that the Israeli government desires, but doesn't demand that they stop and remove their settlements from the West Bank, then we are doomed to repeat the last fifty years of Mid East quagmire. Israel has an excellent track record of protecting itself, and doesn't need our help.

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