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Sunday, May 18, 2008

No Cute Headline.

Huckabee, in his good-ole-boy Southern redneck Republican way, has broached the subject, so I feel free to discuss it. The elephant in the coat closet is the strong possibility of an assassination attempt on Barack Obama. There are tons of cracker gun nuts with a raging desire to see the hopes of America's first black President thwarted. A lot of us old farts saw our country wrenched apart by assassin's bullets. Had Bobby Kennedy lived, would the Viet Nam war ended in 1969? If Oswald had missed his ride to work, perhaps that war never would have happened in the first place. Perhaps Nixon never would have been president, and Watergate would just be the name of an obscure DC hotel. There is an unprecedented pressure building up behind the Republican political dam, and a simple murder will not change that, but it will crush the hopes of millions who have invested in the message that is Obama. Politics shouldn't be a personality driven process, but none the less it is. People elect other people, not ideas or values.

The Secret Service is well aware of this whole elevated threat level against Senator Obama, and I'm sure they are doing their level best to protect the man, but life is fragile and people, even racist nutcases, are ingenious. I'm holding my breath until January 20th. If I prayed, I'd do that too.

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