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Friday, May 23, 2008

Of Red Cows And Rabbis

The corporate media outlets are either clueless, in the case of the major networks or papers, or duplicitous in the case of Fox news when it comes to the nasty little corner that is the Rethuglican wing of the Republican party This coalition of nudge-nudge wink-wink racists, military fetishists and some of the most truly bizarre cults in modern Christianity. Why oh why does the media ignore these dangerous wingnuts? They are the creators of the central modern conservative policies. Israel ,our infallible ally right or wrong, finds its roots in Dominionist Christianity

Dominionist Christianity was once just an amusing branch of the Republican party that somehow managed to join anti Semitism with zionism. Claiming to be biblical literalists, they torture the most bizarre beliefs out of some mythology that was pretty strange to begin with. John McCain has suddenly found himself reeking of the stench from some of his best dominionist friends, John Hagee and Rod Parsley.

Rethuglican elder statesmen are forever showing up at "Conservative Citizen's Council" luncheons and delivering gaseous bilge about family values. The CCC perhaps should be better known by its old name "White Citizens Council", or the Klan with neckties and white shirts.

In the intermountain West the militias and Birchers run the Rethuglicans. In the old Slave Owning South the clinic bombers call the shots. Anti-coastal ruralists pull the strings in the Midwest. Doesn't anybody ever notice?

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