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Friday, June 6, 2008

Obama: Press Party Pooper

I did enjoy seeing the lazy national press stuffed on the Obama plane, and then flown away leaving the actual candidate in DC to meet with Hillary. Ha! The chattering class managed to sneak a few blackberry emails out of the plane before the system was shut down. The press B squad camped out at Senator Clinton's house, miles away from the actual meeting. The press much prefers to eat grilled ribs, play grab-ass and drink Scotch with McCain, even if it compromises their objectivity. Obama is a bore for the boys in steerage. The most they can hope for on an Obama flight is a domestic beer and caterer's sandwiches. Obama doesn't even have a little ranch to seduce the press.

Now the news scribblers and talking heads are venting their spleen in whatever media will allow. They are hurt. How dare the Obama people take advantage of the laziness and cow-like willingness of the press corps to be attracted to shiny, jiggly things. Thirty years ago a couple of investigative reporters" followed the money", and the rest of the media has been living off this reputation since.

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