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Monday, June 2, 2008

Politically Muscular Christianity's Chickens Come Home

The decline of the Republican right wing due to their obvious inability to run either the domestic economic policy or foreign relations has an unanticipated upside. As they fall, they are seeming to take the mean spirited, petty and nosey professional evangelical christians with them. According to the head honchos of the Southern Baptist church the membership will be halved by 2030 if trends continue. Sure there are a lot of mega-churches out there, but those only last until their ringmasters get caught in either compromising sexual or financial shenanigans.

They did to themselves. Hitching their wagons to the rising wingnut star politicos they doomed themselves to fall as their political partners fell. People drift away from fundamentalism because it is so..... um ... unchristian. There is no love seen in their public persona. It's all about the rage and resentment, with each church trying to out jack-ass each other. Fundamentalism has followed the AM talk radio formula that guarantees to grow stale and fail in the long run.

I won't live long enough to see christianity to fall to European levels of unimportance, but I can see it coming. Happy, Happy Joy Joy!

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