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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Science Is Going To Tell You Things You Don't Want To Hear.

Our friends on the far right haven't got a corner on the anti-science business. Sure they have an effective monopoly on global warming denial and biblical creationism. Abstinence only sex and drug education are loved by the right, but debunked by, you know, actual research stuff.

Now the left, or people claiming to be progressives are laying into vaccination and genetically modified anything, especially food. If everyone gets his way then we will all starve in an overpopulated wasteland, if we don't die of plagues or stupidity first. 

Locally, Vashon Island has a large and active anti-vaccination group of parents, and has had a rash of measles and mumps with at least one death. When confronted with the willful ignorance of ant-vaccinationist or climate change deniers I am almost move to claw my eyeballs out and throw them at their pig heads, but being blind, I would probably miss. We have thousands and thousands of people called scientists and researches who willingly work for a pittance just for the joy of bringing some light into the darkness of ignorance, Who toil in the trenches of industry and academia to feed the world and uncover the history and workings of the universe.

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