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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Washington State Republican Party Disappears!

For the purpose of this election the Republican brand name in Washington State is "inoperative". The conservatives have screwed the pooch so repeatedly and badly that nobody wants to be called a Republican anymore. The party formerly known as Republican is now the GOP. I suppose that they got tired of trying to rename the Democratic Party that they are giving it a whirl with their own minions. You will have a hard time finding a yard sign, at least for a statewide office that has "Republican" anywhere on it, and who can blame them. Gone are the days when the conservative's bogus "Contract With America" head fake gets any traction. The time when a flag burning amendment in October or a ban on gay marriage in September would bring out the true believers is past. The slogan "Tax and Spend Liberal" rings hollow when faced with the financial facts of 2008. Supporting the troops no longer means support for an idiot's war.

A brief history of the GOP if you would. An offshoot of the Whigs, the Republicans formed in the late 1850s to act as a Northern propertied class representative party in opposition to the Southern rural Democratic Party. The Republicans took on the moniker "Grand Old Party" after the civil war when "The Grand Old Flag" and "Grand Army of the Republic" were patriotic terms of the day. GOP was the Republican's first public relations lie, but not their last.

At the Republican State Convention the word "Republican" was a rare utterance, but they were knee deep in GOPs. The Republican's gubernatorial presumptive nominee refuses to utter the word in front of a microphone. Sad. The conservative wing of American politics has served a purpose in keeping us liberals honest, and I fear their credibility is so damaged that it will be at least a generation before they return as a political force.

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