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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Would They Dare?

After reading an Alexander Cockburn article I became more focused on the obvious coming October Surprise. Charley Black, McCain's campaign manager put it most starkly. A terrorist attack on the United States home territory would sweep the Republicans back into office.. If serious enough it would work. Perhaps it's just because I am watching the box set of HBO's "ROME" but I really think the conservative movement is feeling power that they crave slipping from their grey boney fingers and are willing to do anything to retain that power. Anything. Even nabbing ben Laden would win few votes at this late date. It's going to take a spectacular, un ignorable cataclysmic attack to steal this election. I'm sure the operatives actually planning and executing the attack will be sure they are saving America for Jesus. All the bricks are in place. Religious fanatics to do the work. Massive wealth to support the executioners. A corrupt political party willing to organize the crime. I'm thinking San Francisco would probably be their victim. That California city is number one on the wingnut hit list to the point where even mentioning its name is code for everything ungodly.

We are not culturally inclined to suicide attacks, so there is only one weapon that can be remotely deployed and that destroys most evidence of its origins. A Nuke. Analysis can determine the origins of the fission products of a detonated bomb, but since we are loaded with old Soviet enriched Uranium to burn in our reactors it will be impossible to prove the weapon's origins. 

As we slip into that night that is a modern Security State we have only the memory of the time when we were a truly free people and we could speak our minds and elect our government. It was fun while it lasted.

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