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Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Border Fence. Teh Stoopid

All the nativists love the idea of a border fence between us and those little brown farm workers and house painters. Penn Gillette, the chatty half of Penn & Teller, had a bit on their Showtime show where they hired a crew of illegals to build a fence to the standards of the INS, and then split the illegals into three teams and had them attempt to go through, over and under the barrier. None of the teams took longer than sixty seconds, and they were allowed no ladders or tools. There are these places we called prisons where we have armed guards, high walls and razor wire barriers and people get out of them all the time. To dream that an unattended wall is going to protect us from the lawn mowing classes is the height of foolishness. 

The border wall has got it all. Expensive, won't do what it's built for, environmentally damaging, politically damaging. Cheap ugly.  Did I mention expensive? For the price of the wall we could build thousands of new, energy efficient high schools. The fence/wall exiles property owners from their own land and cedes territory to Mexico, but the righties love it.

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