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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Fifth Of July!

Now the Chinese have their jobs cut out for them. All the fireworks in the world were used up between five PM and two AM by my neighbor's kids. I've got a stack of cold grilled burger patties a half bowl of potato salad in the fridge, burned spots on the lawn and a lingering smell of sulfur in the air. I'm sure there are spent bottle rockets on the roof that I won't see 'till its time to clean the gutters.

The day after a holiday is always a day of reflection and stowing the detritus that is particular to the holiday. Leftover foods are usually as good if not better than the day it was served. Xmas has boxing day in Canada, but that never really caught on in the US. Thanksgiving has "Black Friday" sales. What a letdown.

My dilemma this fourth was wether or not to go to a couple of free BBQs given by local bible thumpers. If I went and ate their food they would have less money to go out and harass poor indigenous folk of South America and Africa with missionaries. Most of these fundie clowns can't even imagine Atheists, much less ever have talked to one. I have to be in playful mood to give 'em the what-fer, and I wasn't. 

I ramble. Low blood sugar I think.

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