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Friday, July 25, 2008

Selling Advertising

The only reason there is any sort of horse race in this presidential election year is that the media needs to sell their airtime. The only thing that keeps McCain in the race is the fact that if there is no fight there is no audience (in the network boss' little minds at least). Americans are in danger of having our whole political system turn into some sort of deranged Super Bowl. Everyone nows that the SuperBowl is usually one of the worst games of the year with the hands down worst half time show. The only reason the game holds any interest is that the networks spend three weeks building up the obvious doormat to the point where there is some sort of parity in the public perception.

It has been decades, if not longer, since there were large cheering crowds in Europe waving American flags. At least two hundred and fifty thousand enthusiastic Berliners came out to see Obama. The networks tried to devote just as much airtime on a McCain visit to a german sausage restaurant surrounded by at least fifteen confused onlookers. The excuse is that they didn't want to look biased, but actually it's just more puffing the looser to get ratings. 

If Barak doesn't beat this hack by ten points, there is something seriously wrong with this country.

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